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※ Please make sure you are signed up and logged in prior to the purchase.
※ Credit card(Except for American Express cards issued outside of Republic of Korea and China Union Pay cards) and PayPal is available for payment.
※ Please note that some of payment methods may not be able to use when you place your order.

※ If you have paid by PayPal, modify the delivery information is impossible.

[NOTICE] 2020 소녀시대 OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT Delivery Start


This is SM FANCLUB Manager.

2020 소녀시대 OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT will be delivered sequentially from September 9th (Wed) according to the order of ACE membership registration.

At the same time as the delivery process, individual delivery information will be provided through YES24. Please note that the delivery period and the time of receipt by the member may be different depending on the delivery region and the condition of the delivery company.

If you have any inquiries related to 2020 소녀시대 OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT, inquiries related to delivery can only be answered through YES24 and the other OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT inquiries can be answered through Lysn, so please check the precautions below beforehand when inquiring and contact each of the following inquiries.

[ Precautions of 2020 SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT Inquiry ]

1) Inquiries about the internal components of OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT can only be made through Lysn.

2) The OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT package box and thick paper card are for product protection, and may be distorted during shipping, which is not eligible for exchange.

3) Among the components of the OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT, plastic and metal items such as FANCLUB Membership cards, Artist cards, and Badges may cause scratches due to the nature of the material and are not subject to exchange.

* Before removing the wrapping, please take a video that allows to check the entire components in full condition at the time of receipt of the KIT, in order to check defects and omissions of OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT components accurately. Then responses to exchanges and receipt of missing items can be promptly processed. 

Also, please take a video that can check the name of the FANCLUB Membership card attached to the outside for member identification.

[ Inquiries about OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT Delivery ] - YES24 Service Center

▶ Domestic resident : After log-in YES24 ID, 1:1 Inquiry (

   Foreign resident : Email inquiry

[ Inquiries about OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT ] - Lysn Service Center

▶ Email inquiry

- You have to attach the unboxing video of the OFFICIAL FANCLUB KIT and 16-digit FANCLUB Membership number requisitely.

We ask for your understanding in advance as it is difficult to respond to customer service inquiries in real time.

Thank you.