step 1Select Date

  • step1
  • Please select Date.
    It is available to select with sign .
    Select the date to purchase. When it is chosen, it'll become .
    And please select Time.

    Please click ‘Select Seats’ or ‘Next’ to go on the next step.
    If there is no need to select seat(s), just select count that you want buy tickets and please click the ‘Next’

step 2Select Seat

  • step2
  • Please select seat(s) you want.
    Select section at the seating map on the right side and select your seats.
    (If your desired seats are unavailable, you can search for other date and time.)

    After selecting your seats, click ‘Seat Selection completed’.

step 3Select Discount

  • step3
  • Please select a discount among the offered discounts.
    There might not be any discount depending on events.

step 4Delivery Method / Confirmation

Will Call

  • step4
  • Please check your information.
    Please enter right information as it is used for checking the purchase details and picking-up tickets.
    Changing delivery method is available until 20 business days before from the show day.

Overseas Delivery

  • step4
  • Please check your delivery information.
    Please enter right information for shipment.
    Modifying delivery information is available on MY TICKET until starting delivery.

step 5Payment

  • step5
  • Credit card(Except for American Express cards issued outside of Republic of Korea and China Union Pay cards) and PayPal is available for payment.

    Before go on next step for payment, you have to check the regulation for cancellation fee, cancellation term and agree with providing personal information.

    After click ‘Payment’, enter the information of your credit card to proceed your payment.

  • step5
  • Please confirm your purchase details.

    Print out your purchase details by clicking ‘Print’ and submit that to the box office with your identification certificate.

    For more information, you can check ‘My Ticket’ on the website.