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For advance purchase details and information, please select check-up conditions.

  • Show as Time period
  • Show as Purchase date

Click Purchase confirm/cancel , you can use 'Purchase Details' and 'purchase Cacellation'.

  • How to cancel my ticket
    - Please confirm 'My Ticket -> Click <Purchase Confirm/Cancellation> ->Purchase/Refund. And click "Cancellation" button
  • Cancellation Policy
    • > Cancellation Deadline
      1. (Show on Tue~Sat) available till 5 pm prior to show day to cancel
      2. (Show on Sun/Mon) available till 11am on Sat. to cancel
      3. (Show on hollidays/the day after hollidays)
         - (Show on the day after hollidays) same as above #1,#2
         - Not availble to cancel on hollidays
         * After the due has passed, no cancellation/change/refund

      > Cancellation Fee
      1. No Cancellation Fee is available in 7 days from purchase date.
      2. 8 days from purchase date
         - ~ until 10 days before showday : Musical, Concert, Classic, Ballet 4,000won per 1 ticket / others 2,000 won per 1 ticket (But, 10% of paid amount)
         - 9 days before showday ~ 7 days before showday : 10% of paid amount
         - 6 days before showday ~ 3 days before showday : 20% of paid amount
         - 2 days before showday ~ 1 day before showday : 30% of paid amount

      * No.2 policy will first be applied.

      1. · Booking fee can be refund until 23:59 on the day of the purchasing, Otherwise impossible.
      2. · Delivery charge won't be refund for ticket that delivered or returned.
      3. · Each different show has different cancellation policy. Please check the policy for relevant show.

  • Refund Policy
    • 1. Credit Card
      - After 4~5 days(businees days) of purchase, credit card approval will be cancelled.
      - Only Purchased card is available for re-appovement of cancellation and booking fee
      - If your order is unpaid, approval details and purchase cancellation are available
      If you cancel orders after payment with card charge, it will be deducted next month
      - If you cancel orders after payment, it takes three to seven(3~7) days
      - Refund date is depend on credit card company's policy. please call credit card company for more details.
    • 2. PayPal
      - All refunds will be sent back to the payment method of your original payment.
      - If you paid by Credit of Debit card, your refund will go to your card within 30 days.
      - If you paid by PayPal Cash or Bank transfer, your refund will go back to the PayPal balance within 5 business days.
      - Beyond 1 day of the date of the original payment, PayPal's transaction exchange rate ( including a currency conversion spread ) on the date of the refund will apply. Therefore, due to changes in fees and exchange rates, you may not be able to receive the full amount of the original payment.
        (10 cents for PayPal payment fee is not refundable even if the reservation is canceled.)
      - If you need further information, please contact PayPal.