: [Live Concert]
: Jan 7 - 9, 2022
: Olympic Park Olympic Hall
Age Limit
: 7 years and over
Show inquiry
: -

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※ If you try to purchase the ticket with MAC and Chrome, purchasing system can be unstable.Please try with Windows and IE.
※ Credit card(Except for American Express cards issued outside of Republic of Korea and China Union Pay cards) and PayPal is available for payment.

※ Purchasers will be automatically considered to be well-informed of all the policy and regulation when purchasing tickets. Policy and regulation may change according to situations. Please read all the instructions and announcements thoroughly before purchasing to avoid any disadvantages.

※ We advise all purchasers to be well-informed of COVID-19 Concert Attendance Policy before purchasing tickets.

[Change of Show Time]

Due to the toughened curfew reimposed by the government recently, show time for Jan. 7th (Fri) will change as follows. 

We ask of your understanding and cooperation in following the measures as our only intention is to ensure the safety of all attendees. 

 ※ Changed Show Time: Jan. 7th (Fri) 7:30PM changed to 6:30PM

- Please disregard the show time printed on the front side of the ticket, as it was printed before the new regulation was announced. 

- Those who wish to cancel/refund their tickets due to the change of show time, please contact YES24 Ticket Customer Center by Dec. 23rd, 2021 (Thurs) 5PM (KST). (No cancelation fee)

- Cancelation/Refund must be proceeded through YES24 Ticket Customer Center to avoid cancelation fee. Otherwise, cancelation fee may be applied.

- Those who have purchased through Global Page, please contact through, or 1:1 Consultation. In case of using 1:1 Consultation service, please select ‘Order’ for Help Topics. 

- Due to an increased number of inquiries followed by the Special Quarantine Measures, it may take longer than usual to receive a response. 

- YES24 Ticket Customer Center e-mail :

※ This concert requires a mandatory of Quarantine Pass(Proof of vaccination/Proof of negative test result) for all attendees according to Special Quarantine Measures by the government.

- In order to attend the concert, you must present either a proof of vaccination, or a negative test result of COVID-19 by PCR test.

- All unvaccinated attendees (ages under 18, recovered, etc.) must present a negative test result of COVID-19 by PCR test.

We ask of your cooperation with the following measures to ensure the safety of all attendees.

- Those who are not fully vaccinated, have not tested negative of COVID-19, or have not prepared required documents will not be allowed to attend the concert.

We advise you to make sure your documents are in its valid period to avoid disadvantages.

- It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility for any disadvantages caused by the purchaser’s misunderstanding of the policy and instruction, and there will not be any refund, or change of tickets.

※ ID check will be conducted when entering the venue on each day of the show. 

- Name of the purchaser must match with the actual attendee during ID check. Otherwise, entry will not be permitted and there will be no cancelation, or refund at any reason. Please make sure to bring your ID in physical form. 

- Please refer to ‘What are accepted forms of identification?’ in details below. 

- For more information, please refer to details below. 

※ Quarantine and ID check will be conducted in a separate booth outside the venue 3 hours prior to the start of the show. 

It is mandatory for all attendees to submit entry logs, quarantine pass (proof of vaccination or negative test result), ID, and tickets. 

Entry may take longer than scheduled, and there will not be any cancelation or refund of tickets in case of delayed entry at attendee’s own fault of late arrival. So, we advise you to arrive at the venue with ample time to avoid any disadvantages. 

[Attendees under the age of 14]

Attendees under the age of 14 who are not accompanied by their legal guardian must receive and present a written consent form by his/her legal guardian and submit entry logs when entering. 

In case of failing to present required documents or to receive consent, he/she will not be allowed to attend the concert.

※ This concert provides card tickets that support ‘tap and go’ service instead of paper tickets to prevent theft, forgery, or falsification of tickets. 

The card ticket includes an NFC chip that stores purchaser’s information. Attendees are to tap their tickets on reading machines when entering the venue. 

※ Please keep in mind that tickets will not be reissued/canceled/refunded in any case such as loss, damage, or theft. So, please take extra caution of your tickets. 

[Will Call Tickets]

- In case of collecting will call tickets on the day of the show, you must present both of your physical form of ID and purchase confirmation. 

- Information on the purchase confirmation must match with the information on your ID in order to collect your tickets. 

※ Inquiries for accessible seats, please contact YES24 Ticket Customer Center (